Kosu is an experimental decentralized liquidity aggregation protocol that encourages the curation of a consistent, high-quality, verifiable, public order book.
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Liquidity aggregation is siloed.
Current solutions involve many individual entities, known as relayers, hosting separate order books. This can restrict traders from accessing the full marketplace.
Kosu creates a global liquidity network.
The Kosu protocol and network provides traders and applications with an open, consistent set of high value orders aggregated from various sources incuding the traders themselves.

Unifying Liquidity

Simplifying order discovery via the creation of a single decentralized global liquidity pool.

Reducing Redundancies

Providing a shared consistent order book primitive for the decentralized broadcast and discovery of orders.

Minimizing Barriers

Creating an open, feeless and fair liquidity network for traders and participants of all levels of sophisitication.