Zaidan is a non-custodial request for quotation system built on 0x. The system’s unique interaction model makes it one of the most price competitive DEX models.
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Current DEX models are not price competitive.
Current DEX architectures are fundamentally price-disadvantaged due to high latency and interaction schemes that over-prioritize access.
Pioneering the dealer model.
Zaidan introduces a RFQ system wherein quotes in the form of signed maker orders are provided upon request with soft-commitments enforced by the maker at execution.
A decentralized dealer-based trading network.
To provide a more complete and competitive dealer-based trading system Paradigm Labs has plans to eventually generalize the Zaidan model by creating a network of designated dealers.

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Trade is the easiest tool to quickly swap between WETH, DAI and ZRX. The portal offers traders a compelling demonstration of Zaidan’s unique price-prioritizing DEX model.